Sunday, November 10, 2013

UPDATED: Rupert Grint: Andrew Marr Show, Charlie Countryman for DirecTv, Rupert's Shoes Up for Auction

Rupert Grint appeared on BBC 1 early this morning for the Andrew Marr show. Some screencaps and quotes are available now and we will keep looking for footage for international viewers. However, if you live in the UK, you can watch here. For the rest of us, a preview can be seen here and some screencaps are in our gallery here and here while one is left.

In other Rupert news, Charlie Countryman will join CBGB on demand on 15th November on some services here as well as being available for DirecTv subscribers here. There is also a new exclusive clip over at Entertainment Weekly. Furthermore, there are 5 new stills in the gallery.

Some more Mojo stagedoor pictures are here and here while a new fan video is here.

Finally, the charity Small Steps is having a celebrity shoe auction December 5th to 15th and Rupert has got involved! His UK size 9.5 Converse (right) are signed by him and up for auction! Sign up for updates and to be reminded about the auction here.

Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright have also donated shoes.

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