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Across the internet, Danaholics Anonymous has been a reality for six years now and specialises in bringing all the Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe news to YOU the fans, in a friendly fangirly way. The title came to me while planning my first premiere trip (for the Order of the Phoenix) and is much like the website; not to be taken TOO siriusly(Meant to be misspelled by the way, Sirius Black not serious).
It started on our Bebo (remember Bebo? or am I just seriously old!) in 2006 and continued on here in 2008. Recently we have become more about updating regularly, posting at least every few days here, but keeping up to the minute (where possible) on the Twitter.
We expanded our range also creating a Facebook and a Youtube.
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We have a growing number of photo albums also, so check them out in our Galleries page.

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p.s. We run a competition or two every couple of months so stay tuned for Potter and Radcliffe prizes!