Friday, August 2, 2013

Rupert Grint: New FHM Picture, Mojo To Prove Rupert's Talent,CBGB Trailer

Another behind-the-scenes image from Rupert's recent FHM shoot by Neil Bedford has been released. In can be viewed left.

In other Rupert news, Metro are predicting that Mojo, the stage play Rupert is to begin in October, will be the performance of his career so far and "could silence his critics for good". 
Yet the London newspaper says "Grint’s work since Potter – namely his cameo in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman – has been heralded as superb", so it will is just a matter of time until any doubters are changed, until his projects are released to the masses, or at least for more widespread press. And Mojo will only strengthen his case- "Mojo is a brutal and important piece of theatre that will provide Grint the platform to prove he’s capable of impacting upon hot, contemporary themes." Personally, I think he has proven himself flexible with Cherrybomb  and Wild Target alone, but some people need more proof of talent.
Read the full article here.
Source: RG.US

Finally, CBGB, Rupert's other unreleased project, is to get a trailer soon! ET Online will feature "the @CBGBtheMovie trailer next week (Wednesday/Thursday) and will be available for all soon after!".
Source: RG.NET
Can't Wait!

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