Friday, August 2, 2013

Pottermore and Playstation Home Updates, PS and COS New US Back Covers

The Pottermore website has opened the remaining chapters to users alongside a new, rather useful story navigator. The navigator runs along the bottom and allows you to choose what moments you want to look at. The moments each have a bar along the bottom that show you how much of the moment you have discovered. New info is available of one of the maurauders among other items so check it out if you havent already! 
In other Pottermore news, the Playstation Home version has also opened new content. It now includes Hogwarts Library, chess and more.
Source: Snitchseeker

In other Potter news, the backs of the first two of the US re-release of the series have been revealed. These can be viewed here and here.
Source: Snitchseeker

Finally, JK Rowling has agreed to end the case against the Galbraith leak out of court. The money will go to a royalties to soldiers charity.
For more info check out this post.

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