Friday, August 2, 2013

A Look at Our Competition So Far...

We previously reported that we would be giving out quite a large number of prizes and for a steady week or so we did just that. The flow of prizes is slowing down a tad now as the prizes run out, but they will start flowing again soon!
In the meantime, here’s a sample of some the prizes awarded so far, along with a few responses from winners, some on winning, some on receiving their prize in the post. Mingled with these will be Potterhead origin stories as this was the aim and reason for this competition; to share experience and Potterdom!

Day 2: First 4 Dan Radcliffe Posters, which were won by Joane. Her thanks is seen above.
Her Potter story is below:
Day 4s winner has also received her prize and sent the following message:

She had won Telling Tales: An Interview with JK Rowling. She was a Potterhead from the start and was waiting for her lil bro to see the first film to get into it too!

Another winner, Mitch has just received his prize today of a Harry Potter address book and a Lego Harry Potter keyring:

Chloe, who won a set of old newsletter signed pictures of Dan Radcliffe, posted this thanks:
Rhys, much like myself got into the series through the first film. He has received one of the two Potter PC games he won.
Finally, our last winner, Wendy, hasn't received her prize yet, but she also shared her story of Potterdom. She won the August Teen Vogue that had Emma Watson as it's cover star.
(Other winners included Laura and Andrea).

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