Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The General Coverage of WBStudio Tour

This past Saturday the Potter fan-sites were out in force for the Grand Opening of the WB Studio Tour:The Making of Harry Potter and we were there too. We will post our coverage later today.
MUGGLENET were livestreaming the red carpet event which can now be seen online with all their pics,interviews etc,some of which is linked below;
RUPERT INTERVIEW from Reuters, EVANNA LYNCH INTERVIEW,a General overview of the arrivals on the red carpet.
Leaky Cauldron were also there and posted this video and link to the livestream.
Rupert Grint US , RG.NET (they also have the photocall) and Feltbeats have extensive reports here, here and here.
Magical Menagerie were there but are currently flying home. UPDATE; Their report is now up here.
Finally ,snitchseeker have a few exclusive interviews.
Their general report, Bonnie and Rupert interviews, Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch and David Yates.

Most importantly, the livestream can now be seen in full below;

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