Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danaholics vist the WB Studio Tour and Cover the Grand Opening

PHEW! That was a crazy few days for me (admin Niamh) and my friend Daniel in London! With little sleep and no computer I couldn't do this report when i got home yesterday, but here it is!
We were live-tweeting Saturday and trying not to spam you to much as we had a fit about the WB Studio Tour!
Danaholics first visited the Studio Tour itself and we will be throwing up all those photos soon on our Picasa account. Left is my favourite of us in the Great Hall.
The Tour was amazing and although we later worked out everything wasn't there we had a fabulous few hours walking around the sets.
A few comments;
The Great Hall is the start and first heart attack of the tour and includes a nice snippet of costumes from all four houses and some key teachers.
I was a bit insulted to find out Seamus' bed was missing from the boys common room among the Gryfinndor sets!

Butterbeer tastes fabulous and we both wished we could have it all the time.
One of my favourite bits was the green screen area where you get to see yourself driving the Weasley Ford Anglia and flying a broom...
The outdoor sets were especially fun as you could board the Knight Bus, sit in the Weasley car, ride Hagrid's motorbike and stand at 4 Privet Drive.
Creature effects and art works were second last on the tour.
The finishing bit is perhaps the most depressing as its the amazing awe-inspiring 34:1 model of Hogwarts...and they play the sad music too!!
the shop is AMAZE and has everything you could possibly ever want!

Next was the Grand Opening Red Carpet event, which we didn't see the entirety of because we spent so long in the studio! It felt kind of epic to leave as it was really beginning and casually walk past the press interviewing Rupert Grint and Tom Felton and say hi! Rupert waved back so, yay!
I am not a completely useless reporter however as I got some screen shots from the big screen and these will also be in the photo album. For interviews etc, consult our earlier post about the leading (lucky-with-press-passes) website reviews.

Sorry for the delay, uni work hit a premium the last few days when I returned from London! We now have almost 80 pictures in this album and the 'general WB studio tour coverage' from the sites is up now here.
We still have loads more pictures for you, so stay tuned!

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