Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wb Studio Tour Press Day-Conference Evanna,Warwick, Rupert pictures, Tom Felton interview audio .

Many of the world’s leading Potter sites have today descended on London for the press day occurring before the official opening of the Harry Potter studio tour.
Magical Menagerie and representatives flew in for one of the first times in their lives and Snitchseeker,Feltbeats and RupertGrint.Net were also reporting on the day as it progressed. and the WB Studio Tour twitter had the best coverage posting rt-s from Tom Felton’s Heart FM interview about the tour and the press conference with Evanna Lynch,Tom Felton,Bonnie Wright and Warwick Davis.

Firstly, they were tweeting all day from Heart Fm regarding the lovely Tom Felton and Feltbeats have the audio available right here!
Tom will also be on ITV tomorrow on "the Friday's Show with Fiona on ITV 1."

RupertGrint.Net have all their lovely images(sourced from RGFan in high-def) added to their report here!
Just one is above.
RupertGrint.US also have a report available here.
DR.COM has their report here.

We will be covering all the Grand Opening and do our own tour report soon! Follow us on Twitter to get the blow-by-blow on Saturday!We will be live-tweeting and twitpic-ing and of course keeping you updated on all the news over the weekend,never fear!

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