Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Daniel Radcliffe Videos: Xpose, Scannain.com,One Show,Tumblr and Innuendo Bingo

Dan has really been doing the rounds with What If promo and some of the interviews he did in Ireland are only coming to light.
For example, he sat down with recent new website Scannain.com (film.com essentially) to chat about the film. 

He also sat down with Xpose's Karen Koster for an interview which can be seen here.

In Brtitish promo, Dan took part in the hilarous Inneundo Bingo which he handled quite without his usual professional front, with wonderful results.

He also popped into The One Show where he spoke about his preference for American Football, his interest in history and My Boy Jack and of course What if and it's focus on Wallace rather than a female character. Check it out below:

Finally, Dan did a Tumblr Q&A with fans. Some highlights are below:

  • He got to keep his jacket from Horns.
  • He doesnt know what on, but he'd like to work with Dwayne Johnson.
  • Best advice about love is be open and honest - his parents are still best friends after 30 years of marriage -aww!
  • His new favourite band is a German outfit called Milky Chance.
  • His favourite rom-com is Wanderlust Summers.
  • Favourite pizza called the Dude with fround beef,meatballs, amercian cheese and cajun bacon.
  • He would love to play Spiderman or John Keats.
  • Loves cupcakes - don't we all!
  • All-time favourite TV show Faulty Towers.
  • Loved telling bad dad jokes on set with Adam Driver.
  • Prefers movies to stage - where he grew up.
  • Prefers hot chocolate to tea/coffee.
  • Favourite food bacon cheeseburgers.
  • Favourite colour is yellow.
  • Favourite joke - why should you never trusT an atom? They make up everything.

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