Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tom Felton News: 'Murder in the First' Wraps - to Air in Canada, 'Belle' Review by Feltbeats, Craig Ferguson Backstage Image

In Tom Felton news, Murder in the First has officially wrapped according to writer/producer Eric Lodal and will be on U.S. TNT screens  and Bravo in Canada from June 9th ! Hope it crosses the Atlantic at some point :). Actor Raphael Sbarge posted the image (left) from the set two days ago.

Feltbeats' Rotae has now seen Belle and wrote a lovely mini-review via Tweets:
Cannot begin to tell you how brilliant was! Intelligent, thoughtful and utterly beautiful. We cried more than once!
Gugu Mbatha Raw was utterly flawless. Dido was so sharp and on point. And the symbolism in the art spoke to me so much.
Plus, totes rocks the stockings AND makes you want to punch him in the face super hard! XD

In other Tom news,  he appeared on CBS' The Late Late Show and CBS have posted a new backstage image here.

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