Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe: F Word and The Simspons Diggs Clips

In the UK, we seem to be still of Season 24 of The Simpsons so therefore I think alot of us havent seen Dan Radcliffe's recent return to Springfield as Diggs?? Therefore I think it is still applicable to post a new-ish clip of Daniel recording for the episode for those of us outside the US:

In other Dan clips, some F Word clips were revealed recently. Firstly, the film's director, Michael Dowse, was interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos for his show and a clip was shown during this interview. The director also spoke about Dan. Have a look below:

Stroumboulopoulis: How do you get Adam Driver, Harry Potter, Zoe Kazan? Radcliffe’s a really good actor. He’s separated himself from that Potter stuff. How do you get all these people together in this picture?
You start with Dan. You start with getting Daniel. We knew he was looking to branch out and he was interested in a role like this. It was a very quick and simple process, which it normally isn’t. Where you send him the script and he read it, and within ten days I was in London meeting with him.

Stroumboulopoulis: You sent it to his agent? How did you meet him?
Yeah we sent it to the agent. I wrote him a letter. We sent it to him. He read it very quickly. I was on a Skype call within a week, and in London ten days later and meeting him. Everything got sealed away quite quickly. And then once we had Dan, then you have your cornerstone and then you start building. It’s a fantastic cast. I couldn’t be happier with the cast. 

Another clip emerged at The Canadian Screen Awards (We mentioned he was nominated but didn't win) and this can be viewed below, with some screencaps in our gallery here:

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