Monday, November 25, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe Talks to the Guardian Cont: Why He Wouldn't Dance on a Night Out

As we previously reported on here, we had got a copy of Daniel's spread in The Guardian's Weekend magazine and now we have the rest of the photoshoot images and some more quotes.
Dan went on to talk about the unwanted attention while he was on a night out:
"I was very frustrated about the fact that I couldn't just go out with my friends and have an easy time." What would happen if he did go out? He looks embarrassed. "Well, you know, I'd get mobbed, then people start taking photos, then they go on the internet, then everyone knows about it, then more people arrive because they've seen it on the internet."

Did he get verbal abuse? "Yeah, absolutely. And there are a few guys who come up to me and they've taken their brave pills, so they think they're going to be really witty and tell a Harry Potter joke, and I just stare at them now, like, are you really doing this? I've heard every single one."
"It was at the stage where all my friends were going to clubs and under-18 nights. I couldn't because there's a level of anxiety I get when I go out. Even if the people aren't remotely interested in you, it's in your head, and if you start dancing, you think everyone's going to say, look at Harry Potter, dancing like a twat."
The full text can be read here.
Don't forget we have the pictures and a whole load of screencaps from the behind the scenes video here.

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