Friday, October 4, 2013

UPDATED: Dan Radcliffe On Ellen & More Shows, LA Premiere Interviews

As we told you previously, Dan was to appear on Ellen Degeneres today.
Well now we have a small clip of Dan talking bout his Katy Perry Crush below:

He also appeared on other shows, such as Watch What Happens Live, from which we posted a clip yesterday aswell as some screencaps(one is left), the first of which can be seen here and the other 5 can be seen by clicking right. The videos are available only in the US so I've posted only one below and the rest can by found by clicking the highlighted Watch What Happens Live above.

There was also a preview from DP/30 made available which is below:

Yesterday we also posted pictures from the LA premiere of Kill Your Darlings here, here and here. Interviews from the red carpet are plentiful but just one from the Daily Mail is below:


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