Saturday, December 1, 2012

JK responds regarding her "dismay" at Government refusal of Leveson , Is ranked One of Worlds Most Powerful Authors

 David Cameron has refused to implement the finding of the Leveson inquiry into media laws and the resulting privacy infringements on famous people such as J.K. Rowling. Snitchseeker are reporting that J.K. Rowling has responded with understandable anguish as she herself "thought long and hard about the possible consequences to my family of giving evidence and finally decided to do so because I have made every possible attempt to protect my children's privacy under the present system – and failed."
Read her full response via The Guardian newspaper.
Emma Watson also spoke out about the injustice of the governments lack of action and asked her twitter followers to sign a petition.

In other Rowling news, The Hollywood Reporter has dubbed Jo 11th most powerful Hollywood author, behind our mortal enemy(here at Danaholics anyway :P) Stephanie Meyer and Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins. Potter never got the Hollywood treatment among other sagas(*ahem* sell-out *ahem) so this is a good placement! We cannot fault great authors such as Stephen King (No. 1) , George R. R. Martin(No. 7) and Suzanne Collins(No. 5).
YOU'RE STILL OUR NUMBER ONE, JO! Likeability and kindness over power!
Source: Mugglenet.

Finally, J.K. has released the Beedle the Bard eBook on Pottermore which will see all profit go to the Lumos charity which helps underprivileged children. Check it out here. The other Hogwarts Library books, Quidditch TTA and Fantastic Beasts can also be bought at the Pottermore shop with proceeds going to Comic Relief.
You can get involved in Lumos fundraising etc on their Get Involved page.

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