Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe on Graham Norton Telling A Similar Story to The One Last We Met...

Happy was I, by chance, to come across Friday night's episode of Graham Norton's hilarious chat show. Daniel Radcliffe was to appear to talk about A Young Doctor's Notebook. Once I got over that another Ennis (not me) was sitting beside him looking perfect and my realisation that I have indeed in recent months relapsed from being a recovering Danaholic (*ahem*), it was a very enjoyable interview.
Of particular interest (to me anyway) was a particular story about a girl getting her arm tattooed with his signature once he gave it and other people finding it weird that he would ask them not to do the same.
I HAD THAT VERY CONVERSATION WITH HIM AT THE LAST HARRY POTTER PREMIERE, so my heart stopped momentarily. Yes, many people have probably had similar experiences, but it's a much cherished memory as me and Dan had a bit of a laugh about insane fans, I was totally cool, and I am always waiting for him to retell anything that may be in reference to me.

Anyway, you're reading this post to watch the interview, so here it is courtesy of a post by, thanks guys!

Post Scriptum: I was just telling a mate I met for the first time that story the night before, so my lack of logic here is justified, especially since I had just had a wtf moment with that girl that day because I dreamt something that she confirmed to be true about Dan's recent stay in Dublin.

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