Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UPDATED:Evanna Lynch and Gary Oldman in New Thriller, Update on Emma Watson and 'Beauty and the Beast'-UPDATE: In talks to Star in 'Noah'

Snitchseeker have announced that Evanna Lynch and Gary Oldman are set to reunite post-Potter in the upcoming thriller Monster Bulter. The story is of a Scottish criminal Roy Fontaine, aka Archibald Hall, and was to start shooting last week:
Lynch will play Fiona Carrick-Smith, who is intrigued by her upper class family’s new and seemingly all-knowing butler. Seeing him as an older, wiser confidant, she confesses her misgivings for her upcoming marriage and her longing for dangerous excitement. She soon acts on her desired with butler, acts of reckless behaviour that lead to betrayal and tragedy.

Gary Oldman will play Wiggy, "a taxidermist with anger issues and business on the side who partners with Fontaine on a number of crimes before things get heavy."
Keep you posted!

In other new project news,there has been an update in the case of Guillermo Del Toro's Beauty and the Beast and Emma Watson.
The update comes via facebook,where Emma has been answering fan questions:
What’s happening with Beauty and the Beast?
Emma Watson: Guillermo del Toro, the director, has just finished editing his last film and is working on the script and pre-production for Beauty and the Beast.

Would you be interested in directing/producing?
Emma: Absolutely. I still have a lot to learn but I would definitely like to do something like this in the future.

Are there any more fair trade collaborations on the horizon?
Emma: There has been a lot of speculation about my People Tree collections, with stories running that they 'failed' or that I was unhappy. This was really strange because I felt the opposite of this. From the two collections I did with People Tree overall sales were £446,000 which was a huge surprise. The collections generated work for 400 farmers, artisans and tailors! For me though, the most important part of the collaboration was that I was able to raise the profile of Fair Trade fashion which I think I did successfully.

I visited Bangladesh to see the clothes being made and spoke with the factory workers first hand to understand what the real issues were so I would be able to talk about them in an informed and real way. In terms of other collaborations, I have decided I want to put all of my energy into my acting career but it was something I really enjoyed doing, learnt a lot from and am glad I did.

As previously reported on, Del Toro will be directing Pinocchio before anything happens with Beauty, and Dan Radcliffe has shown interest in that project but nothing is confirmed. The earliest start for Beauty would be well in the future as Pinocchio is due to start filming Summer 2013.
You can submit questions for Emma on facebook here.

Snitchseeker have reported with the news that Emma Watson is in talks to star alongside her Perks of a Wallflower costar Lorgan Lerman once again, this time in Noah:
Emma herself is in talks to play Ila, who is "a young woman who develops a close relationship with Noah’s son, Shem [played by Douglas Booth]."

There is no confirmation on if Emma has taken on the role, though we will update as soon as more information is released. Noah is set to begin production, with a tentative $130 million budget, this summer for a March 28, 2014 theatrical release.

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