Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chamber of Secrets Pottermore Updates, Hogwarts Blueprint released,Sony to Release Potter Spells 'Wonderbook' with Rowling on Board

Magical Menagerie have uploaded a Hogwarts Blueprint released by Warner Bros that will appear in the Wizards Collection, a 31 dvd set to be released soon. Check it out left.Click on the image to get the bigger version.

Pottermore have been hard at work getting Chamber of Secrets up and running for fans. The tweeted recently detailing the progress:
Chamber of Secrets Update: This past week, we've been working on Chapters Three and Sixteen.

We're now working on finishing artwork for Chapter Eleven, The Duelling Club.

Further details can be read on the Pottermore Insider here and here.
Mugglenet have revealed that the book will not be open until 'this summer', but i pressume that means next year:
Thomas anticipates more such peaks occurring when new content is added: Such as when content for the second book in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, launches. Thomas did not give a specific date for that but said it would be sometime this summer.

In other Potter/Sony developments, Mugglenet are reporting that Sony, who platform Pottermore, are to release an interactive 'Wonderbook' of Potter spells:
"Wonderbook" is an augmented reality platform for Playstation 3 that looks like a very fancy pop-up book.

The first book to be published with the technology will be a Harry Potter book of Spells - an interactive spellbook that will let the reader flip through the pages and learn spells from the magical world of Harry Potter. It's part of a partnership between Sony and Pottermore, Rowling's new online portal for all things Harry Potter. While reading the story and seeing it unfold in front of you, kids can also use a PlayStation Move to cast spells.

A basic preview is below:

Mugglenet posted a link to the Sony E3 Conference video, but Snitchseeker had a better link.

Snitchseeker have posted the video of the conference which is from the Wonderbook and depicts Wingardium Leviosa and other spells,which can now be seen below:
Please note that the spells are exactly an hour into the video:

They have also reported that JK Rowling is fully in support of the product. She is said to be "entuhusiastic":
The next step [after Michael Denny, UK Sony Studio head, came up with the idea]was to bring it to the attention of J.K. Rowling and she became very enthusiastic. She was marvellous in guiding us in a certain direction. Her view was that text is important and that informed Book of Spells, we wanted to have this really interesting interaction with text itself so you’re getting children to enjoy the reading experience and getting something magical out of that.

The fact that Ms Rowling has become enthusiastic about it to the degree that she’s now creating new content is a great testament to the strength of what we’ve achieved.

107 days until Casual Vacancy.

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