Saturday, March 24, 2012

Press Opening of WB StudioTour, Full Cast and Crew List For Grand Opening

Since we announced back in mid February that there would be a grand red carpet opening for the Warner Bros Studio Tour, we waited with bated breath for news of attendees and we have announced them as they were released, Rupert, Bonnie and Evanna..We also speculated on whether Tom Felton would make an appearance or whether he would have to (much like Matt Lewis) fall out due to working commitments.
However we can now confirm that Tom Felton will attend, as will Warwick Davis!
The full list was revealed by Mugglenet and cna be read here.
I myself are very excited about David Thewlis (Lupin) as we missed him at the last premiere! We will of ocurse be in attendance and will try to live tweet the event to meet you needs at!/DanaholicsAnony. We will also bring you a full look at the main event; the Studios.

However, a limited amount of sites got a sneak preview yesterday, including Snitchseeker and Mugglenet. Their blow by blow tweet reports can be read here and here.

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