Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Set Images; Kill Your Darlings Day 3, More Bling Ring Emma Watson With Details,Band of Outsiders Tom and Rupert Outtakes

Not to do overkill on this new project of Daniel's, but if you want to check out the DAY 3 images posted by DR.CO.UK you can do so here,if not,don't.
In other set images, Snitchseeker posted some more new ones,however untelling, of Emma on the set of Bling Ring here.
More interesting However, were the new details about Emma's role in the Sophie Coppola movie;
"worth noting is that while Watson has widely been reported to be the lead, that's not quite accurate. The entry-point character for the audience is Marc (Broussard), a fashion-obsessed (and seemingly gay, although it's never stated outright) 16-year-old kid who starts at a new high school (based on Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo), and quickly falls in with a Korean-American girl named Rebecca.

It's Rebecca (a character based on the real life figure Rachel Lee, and will presumably be played by newcomer Katie Chang) who's the ringleader of the group, and arguably the female lead, while we suspect that Watson's playing Nicki, a pretty teen with an ex-Playboy model mother (to be played by Mann) who schools her two daughters on the importance of finding fame.

"Wanna be thug" Chloe (possibly Farmiga's part) and Nicki's boyfriend, the Mexican bouncer Rob (presumably Miranda's role), fall in with the gang, and soon they're scouring gossip sites for the whereabouts of their favorite celebs, breaking and entering when they're away and taking clothes, cash, naked photos and even a gun (from Brian Austin Green, of all people), using their spoils to finance a hard-partying, coke-snorting lifestyle, with little regard for the possibility of getting caught.

With a cast so green, the movie will really hang on how well they can pull it off, but if nothing else, having Hermione Granger do a scantily-clad dance with a gun will get the attention of the mainstream media (the film is another smart choice for Watson, who looks like she could be a real force post-Potter)."

Finally, Band of Brothers released some outakes of Rupert Grint and Tom Felton from when they did a photoshoot with them a few months back.There can be seen here...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Rupert is a funnny

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