Thursday, October 21, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER have so many updates that i'm litterally going eccentric trying to update (they're that good!) so i'm going to group many quotes and pictures into this post for you great people!
Firstly is thr DAZED AND CONFUSED (which i can understand,lol) mag scans and info;
" Turns out Dan now drinks Vodka and tonic instead of Vodka and Coke because his parents told him he needs to drink like a grown-up not a teenager!

• He wanted to cry at the end of Toy Story 3 but didn't because he was with friends. His mum and dad however, went to watch it on his 21st birthday when he was in Russia, and his mum was in bits because of the whole little boy growing up thing... He then also mentioned that his mum has told him he mentions her too much in interviews so he needed to stop!

• Turns out the quote going about of Dan saying he might not be able to stop himself sleeping with dancers was pulled slightly out of context... He was in the middle of a sentence ... which ended with how he has ''a habit of falling in love with people at work'' Says he falls in love very easily...So he's talking in context of falling for someone and starting a relationship... not just sleeping around with pretty girls...

• Says he hasn't really been single since being 14... A 6-month relationship... a 2 and a half year relationship and a 3 year relationship ... Says he lied in interviews when asked if he had a girlfriend..

• He mentions not liking the idea of 3-D and saying the Potter films don't need it...

• He was apparently approached to be in an advert for a car... but turned it down as he ''can't drive!!'' He has no interest in doing anything like that and hates it when people do it just for greed. He accepts it if they actually have genuine money troubles..

• He loves when someone says ''I loved you in Equus'' instead of mentioning Harry Potter...

• They asked him about that whole front page story of him smoking a spliff at a party and Dan says he didn't know what problem the guy had against him... but found it odd how the guy used his real name when he gave the story... ''so you want everyone to know you're a [prat]?''

• Normal mention of how Gary Oldman is a mentor to him... He hated school... Thinks he's very boring; he gets bored easily.. "

The above is only a breakdown. There is more to come...

i BELIEVE its a sound bite, so check that one out without much reading!

SS also have some quotes regarding a kiss with Emma...
"About the kiss with Emma:
Daniel laughs a bit awkwardly."What did I think about kissing Emma? Uh, yeah, nice, I think. We still have to shoot that scene. I think it will be a hard job not to burst into laughter."

About being on film posters:
"I still think it's very unrealistic to see myself on posters. I mean, I indeed see myself, but it's not me. Without spectacles I look completely different."

About fame:
"It's bizarre, really, but I have never felt that famous. When you're shooting you're very isolated from everything. You go to the set by car, you shoot some scenes and then you return home."

About the end of the whole series:
"In previous films we always knew that we had another chance to make it right. Not that you wanted to screw up, of course, but we were always very relaxed on shooting. Now we're really focused on that the end will turn out as it should be."

On his future:
"I really enjoy taking on challenging roles. Of course there will always be people seeing me as that wizard with those glasses, but I think I can only be very proud of that." "

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