Thursday, October 21, 2010


EMMA and Rupert have done a few foreign language magazines, so until we can get the translation of EMMA'S turn in Mexico's Seventeen magazine, here is the translation of Rupert's with Bravo, the basic text cheered up with his onscreen romance, Emma Watson (SO ANNOYED I DIDNT SEE THAT DH KISSING CLIP BEFORE WB TOOK IT OFF YOUTUBE);
"Bravo: You're playing Harry's best friend for the seventh time. How does Ron Weasley change?
Rupert Grint: He is more serious and has now has doubts about Harry's abilities, he's even turning away from him.

But they come together again, or?
Rupert: Of course! You can see them in the second part, 19 years later - they come with their wives, Hermione and Ginny, and children to King's Cross Station in order to send them to Hogwarts.

Since Ron is already 37 years old then, did you play him then?
Rupert: Sure! But the scene was extreme strange to shoot. We were plastered with make-up to look that old. I really looked ugly with my mega-brow.

And - What does this scene looks like?
Rupert: Super! But my favorite scene is the great Battle of Hogwarts!

Will Hogwarts be destroyed in a fight?
Rupert: Not only the school, a large part of the set was a field of debris (smiles).

Gross! Is it true, that the shooting took longer than planned because of you?
Rupert: Uh, yes! I had to laugh out often and couldn't get over it fast. That's why there were so many interruptions.

And you couldn't do anything against the laughing attacks?
Rupert: The crew tried. Whenever I started to laugh, I got a yellow card and had to pay two Euros, and when I got a red one, five. In the end 230 Euro accumulated, and spent on a good cause.

The shooting is finally over. Do you miss Harry Potter already?
Rupert: Totally! It's the end of an era. I miss also my dressing room. There was table tennis and a pool table... So cool!

Don't you miss your colleagues?
Rupert: Sure I do! Harry Potter was ten years of my life, but we all will keep in contact. I often meet the Phelps twins, who played my brothers Fred and George in the movies, to play golf.

Are there any plans for the future?
Rupert: Maybe I'll design hats, or I will be a ice cream man, studying art... we will see...

Why an ice cream man?
Rupert: I own an ice cream van. I've always wanted to own an ice cream van. But I don't drive it often, because they'd all think I'd really sold ice cream (laughs).

Do you have any other unusual things?
Rupert: I have a unicycle since i was a kid. I was really into circus. It was really difficult to learn to ride it...

You still live in England?
Rupert: Yes, I still live with my parents in Hertfordshire, north of London - along with my siblings.

A star like you, still live at home? That's cool! Do you plan to take off soon?
Rupert: Maybe, someday. But at the moment I think it's great. It is much easier than to live alone. We get along really great, I get my laundry washed. It's just great!

And what's your girlfriend saying about it?
Rupert: I am single, so I'm still looking.

And what should your dream girl be like?
Rupert: I don't care about looks. I like girls who are alert and a little crazy. Just the way I am. "

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