Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is more for my own remembrance, but for people thinking about going to a premiere;go! It's an experience as well as great fun and a chance to meet the cast:
Big Emma pictures in Burberry, Kensington! runk dude,my leg!
Alex Zane walked right by me and i was like 'meh'.
German, Tokyo, BBC...Reuters,France,Getty. Just some of the people who talked to us!
DAN-"Cool hat!" when he signed my hat.
RUPERT: "cool" all happy, his eyes lighting up after i complimented his Belfast accent in Cherrybomb. Such a genuine sweetheart. I spoke as he walked by. Usually wouldnt stop like that but he stopped, looked intently at me listening.and his eyes lit up and he smiled ever so sweetly. such a nice boy.
TOM: said i followed him on Twitter,he said "Really!" as if I wouldn't!
said the same to Matt and he said "I write such crap!" I told him that thanks to him i once knew the results to a very important Liverpool-Chelsea match (i'm a fan of the former) cause i was missing it.
Me to HARRY SMELLTING,IE DUDLEY: You look so good...and i was surprised how good and skinny he is in real
TO JAMIE CAMBPELL BOWER: You have a lovely singing voice.
TO JESSIE CAVE: Cool Dress. (its on a video actually) "thanks".
Mark Williams was shocked i watched the Fast Show-"You remember that?" It's still on tv once in a while!
DEVON MURRAY:"You sound Irish". "I AM Irish!"
ME TO ALFIE ENOCH: Can I touch your hair.
ME TO ROBBIE: You're the buisness. He said he had a sore leg...okay...

other things... ME AND MY FRIEND KELLIE PREDICTED DAN'S PINK SHIRT. And Dan stole my pen! Well my other friend Soraya's pen she lent me! David Yates waved at me...Nat Tena went by too fast for us to call her. As did Maggie Smith.
They all wore white ribbons-which i found out later was in memory of .... You could see the premiere tickets clear as day in Helena and Jamie's hands!
Had to stay dry under nothing but a sign from the barrier 3 times!
There were 2 entrances. Tom McFly was mistaken for Tom Felton by some.
Half-Blood Prince! bonnie smashing glass (yes i've no idea what this means either. All of this was taken from notes of my memories as i had them from my phone).
It's just unimaginable,i'm still thinking 'did that happen? Dat couldn't have been real. In the words of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill "surreal but nice".
Jason Isaacs touched my hand and said you're took three pictures to get a unblurred one!

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