Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where have we gone? Answered

In case you were wondering about the long hiatus I seem to have taken from blogging, please note that summarizing all the news here seems a bit unnecessary and also makes it difficult for you, our reader, to skip the parts that don't interest you. Therefore I found it useful (both for quick headlines reading for you and more efficient updating for me) to set up a paper. This will show in headline format the stories i've come across about cast alumni and Potter related stuff on that day. There is also a selection of pictures and videos. We are still active on twitter at @danaholicsanony and will post a summary of the stories there also.

Believe me when i say it was not a decision made lightly as it impacts upon how summarised the news is and directs you away to other fansites - however i felt it was the best decision as i don't always get time in a day to update and therefore I'm not providing the best service for yourselves.

Hope you like the new format and please feel free to comment, constructively criticise and give your advice in the comments below.

We will still be posting original writing about films etc here so stay tuned!

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