Sunday, March 22, 2015

Video Previews of #TomFeltonMeetstheSuperfans - Rupert Grint fans and Daniel Radcliffe on Obsession

As I'm sure all you Tom Felton Superfans are aware, Tom Felton's long awaited documentary from conventions and other fan events is to air tomorrow night. 

BBC3 have released some preview clips of the hour long feature which are now available below.
The first is of Tom Felton waiting (in terrible disguise) with Rupert Grint fans outside It's Only a Play earlier this year. This explains those photos of Tom in a wig!

The second is a snippit of Daniel Radcliffe talking about obsession.

The final clip features Rupert again, this time chatting about disguises.

The documentary will air on BBC3 Monday at 9pm before Bluestone 42 continues!

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