Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rupert Grint: Cast in Foosball, Charlie Countryman Stuff and New Hunger Mag Photo

In recent Rupert news, he has been voice cast in the animated film, Foosball:
Rupert Grint will lead the English language voicing of “Foosball.” Initially a spanish speaking piece, Rupert will be dubbing the voice of Amadeo, a shy table soccer genius whose table soccer players come alive. They will help him save his town and win the affections of his childhood sweetheart. 
Rupert Grint US are saying that as of yet it is only set to screen at the London Film Festival on October 19th, but they will update with other release as it emerges. They also posted a small gallery of stills, one of which is above left. 

In The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman news, there is now a Facebook and it has announced the first trailer will be "out early October".  There has been two new art posters (not featuring Rupert but pretty) released also, which can be viewed here and here

Finally, there is a new image of Rupert from the most recent issue of Hunger magazine (on stands in UK and Ireland now) which can be seen right.

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