Sunday, March 8, 2015

FAN REVIEW: DIG episode 1 starring Jason Isaacs

Thanks a million to Danyealle Autumn Myst for her review below of DIG episode 1! For those of you like myself not in the US this is a great insight.

Starts out very intriguing.  It seems like there are three factions to this.
One is a cult out of the US.
One is an Orthodox Jewish community in Scandinavia.
One is an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem.
Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs) is in Jerusalem for some reason, we only have hints as to why at this point, working there.  He's sleeping with his boss and a bit of a maverick that's gotten in a tad bit of trouble.  He meets a young redhead one night and follows her to a dig under the city she's been working on.  The next day she finds out she was murdered and lies to get in on the investigation.
An artifact of some kind is found after an antiques dealer is arrested by the police man Peter is working with on some of this (they don't get along well), one missing stones, that legend tells is the way to communicate directly to God.  It's factoring in.  So is the Orthodox Jewish community raising an all red calf to be transported to Jerusalem.  The cult is raising a boy, the only child in the compound, and the child has been lied to all along. 
After a car accident while transporting a prisoner, Peter is drawn in more.  The child escapes and looks like he's going to be shot and the boy raising the calf is preparing to travel with the calf to Jerusalem.
The pacing is good as he's leaving more questions than answers and making us guess.  So far the acting is wonderful and believable.  The scenery is wonderful and adds an ambiance to the whole show that makes it feel very authentic, especially the parts in Jerusalem as it was filmed on location.  It has a good feel for so much, something many shows lack anymore.
I've pretty much given up on TV series, other than one and it's only reruns I watch, so I'm finding this quite refreshing and enjoyable.  While we have hints about a collision of the three bits so far, it's not telling us how, though you assume it's religious in nature.  It makes you want to know what's going on and why.  The pacing is great as it moves along very well and keeps you involved and attentive, something lacking in so much anymore.  Overall, it's good with the major areas.
All in all, we're left with a lot of questions and some great action!  A very promising start to the show.  I can't wait to watch more!

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