Saturday, January 10, 2015

UPDATED, SORT OF: Matthew Lewis: Death in Paradise guest starring coming soon, Matt Edmonson show with Evanna Lynch! Bluestone 42 S3 Info

As the new series of BBC crime-comedy show Death in Paradise has begun, it is only a matter of time before Matthew Lewis appears on it! What are your predictions? Victim? Suspect? Sexy Lifeguard? 
We'll update when we know what episode he is it. In the meantime you can still catch the show every Thursday on BBC1 at 9pm.

UPDATE, from the horses mouth to us, if you will *sqwee*:

In other Matt news, he recently appeared on the radio show The Matt Edmonson show alongside fellow Potter alumni Evanna Lynch. Listen below as they play Celebrity Rhyme Time:

Huge thanks to for the tip!

A short snippit sneak of Bluestone 42 is available as part of the BBC3 new year sneak peek. Season 2 is being re-aired from the 16th January with season 3 following directly after:

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