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UPDATED with Audio: What If Dublin Premiere Q&A Transcript - animation, nudity, singing, Tokyo Vice and politeness

In case you have difficulty hearing what's said during the Q&A when in the clips (please note that there is poor visuals and some loud people behind me can be heard in a few places), here is the beginning of the transcript, the rest is on the way [please note there are some spoilers]:
Daniel: Hello, everyone, thank you for coming. I hope you can stay for the Q&A except for life threatening emergencies. So, yeah, thank you very much for coming I'm immensely proud of this film.

Host: Well what happens?At the end of the film he goes out in the world, you are soon to become doctor...get married... 
Daniel: Yeah, I only remembered today that you don't have the, like,  in America, we tested the film after Toronto and people really liked it but were going [heightens voice to a concerned sound] 'But what happens?' And like to me it's like obvious, [laughter] but em in America they were like 'we don't know' so we shot another ending to the film which is a different ending to what you seen there, where you see us getting married but I really prefer this one, just where it ends on the sandwiches, cause there's something so weirdly romantic about [laughter]  how these become such a symbol of these people's love for each other, and yeah.
H: It's also possible that they kissed, went to bed with each other, the sex was crap and they never talked to each other again.
D: [laughs] Noooo. That would never happen.

H: In fairness it was a good ending. The credits are really nice.
D: Yeah I like it, and I love the animation throughout, it gives the film some visual playfulness that you might not normally get otherwise [voice loudens] and it's cool too, on a completely nerdy geeky note, if there's one person out there that cares about this then awesome, this is for you, em basically, all the animation in the film, none of it was visual effects or put in after, it was all done live or on camera, even the stuff that was floating across her face, it's a thing called light mapping, and it's awesome and you can have it project on the back of her from a truck and on the walls of the city as you drive by and it's just on a loop, it's all very nerdy and geeky.

H: It's actually kinda cool, it is cool. Em, I think the burning question of that though was not kind of can guys and girls really be friends, but what would you call cool whip?
D: [laughs] I think what is funny about that scene to me is the fact that all of that was improvised and we were just throwing stuff out there and  like that you can really see me and Zoe looking at Adam Driver and like 'how are you doing this?' he can come up with so many funny things and I'm just saying words and trying to put them with something else. I think with Zoe and I, neither of us had sort of improvised that much before, we definitely enjoyed it but that is a scene where I watch it in the film and watch myself laughing at Adam and not being in character at all.

H: The nude scene, we have to talk about that [cat-calls from the audience]...well you're well used to that by now, you're covered in clothes, what's up with that.
D: Yeah, I know.
H: Doing a naked scene in that, on set, is probably a lot easier than, or a lot less daunting to do, than when you stood completely naked on a live stage in front of an audience.
D:Yeah, I know, it's, all my past nude scenes have been about loss of virginity or sexual failure and horse blinding [laughter], so it was really like a fun light-hearted scene, it was great, and look, [the images of Dan and Zoe reappears on the screen behind him] it's the movie you just watched. So it was genuinely, it was kinda fun. it wasn't too bad actually, you'd be surprised. Canada at that time of year is not great but it was not as bad as you'd think. 

H: Oh you're all blue [the screen is blue] you could star in Avatar. Dublin, obviously, you character literally has a very short stay in Dublin but overall you guys got to spend a bit of time here, was that a lot of fun?
D: It was, it's great we kind of, we had been in Toronto for about six weeks and we came back and it was almost a bit weird, we filmed with one crew for the whole film and then for the last week you get a different group of people, they were lovely, it was a really nice kind of sendoff and for me... the crew came to Dublin for one week and I only had like two was nice.

H:Good one if you can get it. Your character Wallace is so polite. And so are you. Daniel doesn't know this but I interviewed him years ago, during Harry Potter, but we bashed into each other in the corridor of Claridge's and you were like 'I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry' you were running here,there and everywhere, and you were 'I'm really sorry about that' and you were really polite, a nice guy and politeness is so underrated especially by men...
D: I dunno, I just don't know another way to be. You know [audience member shouts: You're just a really good actor] ,yeah, this is for you guys, I go back after and scream at everyone. Yeah, I dunno, as I said there's nothing to be gained by not being nice to people, everyone generally speaking is just trying to do their job, it always seems a shame when your doing your job and somebody else is just, eh, rude. Any of those, whatever anybody said is true. 
H: Well you're not that.
D: yeah exactly. The thing is I know lots of actors, and 90% of us are really nice and normal and it's just the 10% that are mental.

H: Now a lot of people might not know this, but, you know a very famous song, well a little bit of one, i got you to do it on radio earlier and you'll hate me now [laughs]. Daniel learnt all the words to 'Jumbo Breakfast Roll' [a comedy song created by Cripple of Inishmaan co-star Pat Shortt] it was big a few years ago, you were working with Pat Shortt...
D: By the way, Pat didn't ask me to, I just wanted to embarrass him as much as I could, to say you know that Pat has a song that knocked Shakira off the top spot in Ireland. So, yeah, no I can't. No, I can't. 
H: You can! Anyone remember the lyrics?
D: I already did some for you, I can't remember any more than that...awww, I'd remember the elements before I'd know that...
H: You could just strip instead?......[laughter] 

H: A more serious question, a lot of people may have seen online in the last few days you did a viral video, a rapid fire question and answer thing with Vogue, yeah..
D: I haven't seen that yet, is it any good?
H: Yeah, very well made. One of the questions you were asked is what you were reading at the moment and you were reading The Aran Island by Synge [famous Irish playwright] , is that because of your involvement with, yeah, the Cripple of Inishmaan?
D: Absolutely, and it was actually because when they asked me the question they said bring a book you're reading at the moment, I wasn't reading anything at the moment but it was the last thing I finished was the Aran Islands by Synge. So I just took that me and it was, you know, it is an amazing book just in terms of learning about those islands and for the character and trying to get some sense of the place and you see certain bits of his plays and ideas that would later be discussed in his plays, in very early raw form, so its liker a great read.

H: Good to hear that. And before we hand it over to members of the audience, I'm sure there's a few dying to ask a question I've got a What If question.
D: Go for it.
H: What if Daniel Radcliffe was not cast as Harry Potter? [collective sharp intake of breath from audience]
D: Great audience! Yeah, i mean i honestly don't know. It's been too pivotal a thing in my life, to imagine what I'd be doing without it. My parents were in the industry, my dad was a literary agent, my mum was a casting director who worked with Peter Slovinsky a lot, so I'd like to think I would have got a job as a runner and work from the other side in the AD department, cause the ad's are people who outside the film industry you don't really know that department exists really, but they are the most important department in film, really. They're the ones that keep the machinery flowing, and they communicate between ever department, I think I would be good at that.
H: I think we rather have him on screen. Especially when he takes his clothes off!
D: I didn't think it would turn out this way.
H: Well we're glad you did anyway, it's a good question to ask.
D: Yes, absolutely.

H: Well we're going to open it up to the audience, now, anybody got a question, stick your hand up, obviously we can't come to all of you, we'll try to get as many as we can...
D: Up there, up there.
H: Someone's very eager, go on, can you wait we've got a microphone somewhere I think. That one person has to run around so please be patient with the poor girl for us. Daniel could strip while we're waiting, couldn't he?
D: Stop pimping me out!
H: Or you could sing...
Me: Sing Company Way!
D: Definitely not! [laughs]
H: [to fan #1]Have you got the microphone?

D: I can hear you sir, Shout.
Fan #1: Can you hear me Daniel?
D: I can.
F#1: My granddaughter, she's 8, we're from County Leitrim, and em, we're big Elvis fans, thanks for bringing Elvis into the movie [Fool's Gold]. We're 7 years married tomorrow..
D: Congratulations!
F#1: She made you a special present.
D: Thank you, thank you.
F#1: A loom band, a special Harry Potter loom band, can I give it to you?
D: Yeah, absolutely, I'll go grab it.
H: That's so sweet. [crowd aww and clap]
H: Now you're all sorry you didn't bring a present for Daniel. Who else has got questions? We'll come to this lady next.

ME: I  also have a present.
H: You also have a present!
Me: Hi Dan, Hiya, the question in on behalf of my boyfriend, who I'm turning into a fanboy as we speak [laughter from audience] and his question is in relating to Tokyo Vice, in like what's the progress on that, when are you going to start filming?
D: Tokyo Vice, for people who don't know, is a project I'm hoping to do at some point, it's about a, an american journalist who wound up being involved in the Japanese Mafia, in a terrifying and kind of fascinating circumstances and I'm hoping that it will happen, it was gonna happen this year and there were financial issues and so it's kind of being worked on at the moment, I've been involved in the scripting, which is awesome, and hopefully it will be happening this year. And I'm learning Japanese for it..
Me: Yeah I heard that, on Inishmaan, good accent by the way, I saw it on the West End. I have a present for you.
D: Oh, Diet Coke.
Me: You drink Diet Coke,right, don't you? Your name is on it aswell.
D: Yeah, I do, I was just in a restaurant, and they didn't have Diet Coke, they had organic stuff [ the rest of Dan's sentence is blocked out by mass laughter from the crowd]
Me: It's not chilled or anything, I brought it from work,so...
D: Thank you. Yeah, so I'm learning Japanese, yeah i'm not very good, but my favourite phrase is 'tokidoki', it means sometimes...
[audio cuts out here so I miss a question from Fan#3 about his favourite genre to do or what he'd like to do again. His answer was dark comedy.]

H: So you were saying about comedy, you did Extras aswell, would you like to do more TV, in comedy maybe?
D:  Oh, yeah, absolutely, I did Young Doctor's Notebook aswell, it was fantastic, I don't think there's going to be a huge amount of time more, but I'd like to.
H: Can we get our next part of that girl's question?

Fan#3: Can I get a selfie?
H: Wow, you really are chancing your arm! Come down here so, so we can have another question. That lady there.

Fan#4: Where you going for a drink tonight?
D: Well that'd be telling.
H: He has to work very hard.....One final question. Gonna randomly point my that guy there.

Fan#4: If by some way you managed to get a role in Sharknado 3, just wondering if there's any particular thing you'd want your character to do, I heard you were a fan of the series.
D: I am, it's only been kind of discussed jokingly at the moment, but I did come up with an idea, it would be somebody who's interviewing me, and this is really cheesy, and they could be like 'so, would you ever do another franchise', and I would go 'NO! I wouldn't be seen dead in another franchise!' and a shark [laughter] bursts through the window, yeah that would be it. Thank you. That was, I met Tara Reid recently and I got her perfume 'Shark' by Tara. [laughter]

H: Well thank you so much, Daniel, for taking the time to do this Q&A [cat-calls and applause from the audience].
D: Thank you very much indeed!

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