Saturday, April 12, 2014

Matthew Lewis: Cast in Brontes & Bluestone 42 Renewed for 3rd Season

It's been a while (and a whole second season) since we updated on Bluestone 42 (my bad!) and it was great to hear a little while ago that this great dry wit comedy will be returning to BBC3 in the near future!


In other Matt news, we was recently cast in The Brontes, as the brother Branwell:
The Brontes, which, according to their Twitter description, is “the first big-budget, English language, feature-length biopic film of the Bronte siblings.” Their Facebook also has a date of April 2016 attached to the film, but release dates are always subject to change.
The film also has a twitter which can be followed here for updates. The film's director has said that he is "excited" to work with Matt and "Matthew’s been my first choice to play Branwell Bronte since we first started working on the production and I’m delighted that he’s agreed to play the role."

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