Sunday, October 20, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe: Short Film 'Wait', Many More Interviews Including SAG

Daniel Radcliffe has starred in a short movie called Wait which you can now view below:

Also a short clip from Dan's appearance on Larry King Live can be viewedc below while we're searching for the full episode:

In other interview clips, there are two SiriusXM below:


as well as one from DP/30:

And a 30 minutes sit down with SAG (Screen Actor's Guild),:

Celebified where Dan wears an interesting shirt:

And finally, another clip from the movie itself:

Furthermore, more Kill Your Darlings reviews have also come in:
Awards Daily, "Kill Your Darlings, The Best Movie No One is Talking About" .
Rolling Stone, "@PeterTravers calls #KillYourDarlings a "a dark beauty of a film that gets inside your head and stays there"".

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