Monday, September 9, 2013

Rupert Grint: Go to the Red Carpet Premiere of CBGB For $50,Review,Into the White On Demand

CBGB are reporting that fans can attend the NYC premiere of CBGB at the CBGB festival for the low price of $50! Tickets here.

For the rest of the US, DandE Ent are reporting it is ready for release in 100 cinemas nationwide so stay tuned for more!

CBGB also remind us frequently that you can get up to the minute news  and chances to win tickets and merchandise by joining 'CBGB rockers'.

In that line, Rupert Grint US have watched the film already, which is available now on Demand via DirectTV, and their review is here.
Into the White is also available on Demand, according to RupertGrint.Net. Netflix have it available!

If you were getting excited for the upcoming Hunger magazine interview with Rupert we previously reported on, here's a nice ODD quote:
 "My dare for you is to milk one of my llama's teats."
with a pic here.

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