Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Role for Bonnie Wright,Evanna Lynch and Katie Leung New Play Rehearsal Photos

Snitchseeker reported late last night that Bonnie Wright was attached to a new role, one in a film entitled All Hail to the Squash Blossom Queen. So far all we know is that it is a comedy set for 2015 release with the following synopsis:
All Hail The Squash Blossom Queen is a romantic comedy about Bumbershoot, a fresh-out-of-high school kid that is virtually invisible to everyone until one day his only friend, Hannah, blackmails him into competing in the small town’s local pageant to prove to everyone once and for all that “it’s what’s inside that matters”… And it doesn’t hurt that Bumbershoot’s dream girl, the gorgeous Brittany, will be his main competitor in the pageant.

Furthermore, Bonnie is 'said to be' attached and nothing is certain. As the producer pointed out:
She is attached. That means she's interested in the part, pending availability, final budget, etc.
If confirmed she will play Hannah. A new poster for her upcoming film The Philosophers, which its producers are hoping for a Spring 2014 release with, has been revealed and can be seen above left.

In other cast news, both Evanna Lynch and Katie Leung are hard at work preparing for their latest stage outing (in Evanna's case, her first). Evanna is prepping for the touring production of Houdini (more info can be found here) and Katie is rehearsing her next upcoming London show The World of Extreme Happiness.
The play runs from September 25th for a month. Rehearsal images have been posted and one of Evanna is right while the rest are in the cast gallery.

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