Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Win Some Cool Potter Memorbilia, Graphic Art of Potter Exbibit

Magical Menagerie are reporting today that Hollywood Video are offering fans the chance to win some cool NECA merch! Included in the giveaway are Harry Potter magnets and playsets.
For more info, head here.
Don;t forget, WB have their sweepstakes for further merch wins! Get involved here.

In other Potter fan stuff, Mugglenet have visited the MiniLima  'The Graphic Art of the Harry Potter Films: An Exhibition' and their report can be viewed here.
For two weeks only, the beautiful artworks of the HP films designed by friends of MuggleNet MinaLima, are on display for fans to experience all the tiny details you are unlikely to have ever caught on screen.

Whether it's the actual articles of The Daily Prophet, the individual labels for potion ingredients or the wonderful designs for every item in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, these prints are a must see - and, if you can afford them, a perfect purchase to adorn your walls!
The Graphic Artwork of the Harry Potter Films exhibition is free to view and is running until the 29th June 2013 in London. Maybe unlike me you'll be lucky enough to catch it when over seeing Dan on the West End!

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