Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Potter Puppet Pals, Rumours Surrounding Wizarding World Theme Park in LA

According to Mugglenet, Potter Puppet Pals, the comic fan based puppet show about Harry Potter, has a new video.
You can watch it below:

In other fan event news, Snitchseeker are reporting some rumours surrounding the yet to open Los Angeles Harry Potter theme park and the pre-existing Orlando one. Firstly they reported that graphic artists from the film series admitted to working on a diagon alley for the Orlando park and now they are reporting about rumours including:
Smaller Hogsmeade village, with no Three Broomsticks or Dueling Dragon roller coaster.
• Hogwarts said to be full scale (larger than Orlando version), and will include the Great Hall, which will be the main dining area (the first ever experience in the world if true). The only Great Hall set that exists in scale is at Warner Bros Studio London in the UK, yet it is just a display and not for public seating.
• At Hogwarts, if true, there will be an interactive Defense Against the Dark Arts class, with a professor, where students will go up against dark forces. This is said to include Cornish Pixies, Boggarts, and Death Eaters.

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