Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First On-Set 'Therese Raquin' Images and Video of Tom Felton

Feltbeats were on the mark as usual when the first on-set image of Tom Felton in Budapest emerged recently. Alexxa626 sent them on the images, one of which is now left,another can be found in the cast album.

The leading Tom site also had a new video,which can be seen below;

The video is in Hungarian, but the translation is below:

” Bruce Willis is shooting Die Hard 5 in Hungary, meanwhile, just a couple of streets further there is Tom and Elizabeth. One location is like Moscow with fight and monitor, the other one bringa you back to Paris in the 1860’s.
“When I say “action”, please do what you think you have to do”- Hungarian assistant
Tom Felton acted one of Harry Potter’s mortal enemies in the Harry Potter saga. (parts from the Hungarian dubbed Harry Potter movie)
The 24 years old actor was vividly chatting with every member of the crew in the Re├íltanoda street. The Olsen twins have a younger sister, Elizabeth who is going to be Theresa in the movie. The reporter presents everybody with his/her role then we can have look at the shooting of Bruce Willis. The location is called Hero’s square, which can be familiar for Michael Jackson’s fans. He shot a video clip for the song “History’ and the world famous “Evita” was also shot here with Madonna. “

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