Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woman in Black DVD Promo Begins-#AskDanRad! Out Soon!Into the White DVD information

As the Woman in Black dvd is out in just over a month and the official twitter and facebook are getting us in the mood!
The facebook has released some videos of Dan answering questions and the twitter has asked of us to submit some more;
If you could ask Daniel Radcliffe a Q about #TheWomanInBlack what would it be?

They have just tweeted to let us know that IGN.UK are opening the floor for questions today for a twitter chat Dan will take part in between 4 and 4.30 pm GMT today;
Simply submit your questions for Dan using the hashtag #WomanInBlack, he'll answer as many as he can between 4-4:30pm!

For more info go here .

The DVD is out June 18 in the UK and US.
There was also a new trailer released for the Home Entertainment release, now available below;

Dan's most recent project, Kill Your Darlings has just wrapped.DR.CO.UK have some images here. His co-star Ben Foster has praised Daniel, according to a new article by Leaky Cauldron;
In terms of Daniel Radcliffe, I admire him so much. He is a tremendously courageous human, great mind.

Don't forget to vote for Dan in the Entertainment Weekly SNL presenter poll here!

RupertGrintUs are reporting that Into the White is also to be released on dvd! Exciting news for those of us not able to make it to Norway!
Scanbox Entertainment, which handles the distribution of the film in Norway and internationally, has decided that the film will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 28 2012.

Yet,they assure us it is only regarding the Norwegian release, but as it can be watched in English and is region 2, anybody in Europe can pre-order it here although I don't know if they deliver it outside of Norway.
UPDATE: We used google translate and you have to be in Norway to even register! We'll keep you informed as this develops!

In other Rupert news, his musician sister Samanta Grint and their sister Charlotte have written a song about Rupert. RupertGrint.Net have got the video of the song which can be viewed HERE!
Finally,filming of The Drummer has been pushed back to fall/autumn. This makes us wonder if that is due to Into the White International Release commitments, or rather hopes, but it probably has more to do with more pivotal cast members,funding or some related reason :(

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