Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Rupert Grint Interview Released,Emma Watson Dresses 'Classy' for Dinner and Bling Ring Twitter began

Rupert Grint did a fair amount of press for the WB Studio Tour Grand Opening and one such interview has just being released, Rupert Grint. US are reporting. In the interview with the 'Scoop with Raya' show, Rupert talks twitter,ice-cream and upcoming projects. Check it out here.

In other Ronione news, Emma Watson was caught getting 'Very Classy' at a recent celebrity-studded dinner in London. The event, entitled the 'Very Classy' by Derek Blasberg dinner was hosted by Gucci and Snitchseeker have got some photos of the bewitching starlet getting 'suited up', one of which is top left. They also posted a new photoshoot image from an upcoming issue of VS which can now be seen in our galleries and below.

Furthermore, in the Emma newsline, she recently tweeted us telling of a new profile in the twittersphere dedicated to her upcoming release, the Bling Ring. Check it out here.

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