Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interesting Pottermore Facts and Figures

Pottermore have been releasing some interesting findings over the last while and here is a brief summary;

  • Currently, the most common wand core is unicorn hair

  • The most popular gift on Pottermore is unicorn horn. Over 61,000 of you have given this item to someone else.

  • Currently, there are over 950,000,000 Galleons in the vaults of Pottermore users.

  • The common toad is the least popular pet on Less than 3,000 users have chosen it.

  • the most popular pet: It’s the barn owl. Over 500,000 users have chosen this creature as their pet.

  • There have been 4.2 million potions attempted since opened!

  • There have been 39.9 million duels on since we opened.

The Radio Times have also revealed that "3 million" people have been sorted since it opened to the public 14th April. This tops the already 1 million beta users that were already on the site since October of last year.

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