Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Syndicate New Images, Matt Lewis Interviews and Upcoming Appearances

As the last and Matt Lewis' pivotal The Syndicate episode is on tonight, I thought I'd post some recent stuff MatthewLewis.Com put online. Firstly, Matthew was on BBC Radio's 'The Sara Cox Show' recently. MatthewLewis.Com posted the link to the show here and you can hear Matt's interview at "bout 1:50:45 and it continues until 1:58:00". They also posted the transcript which can be read here. With BBC in mind, Matthew also appeared on BBC Look North at 6:30pm today according to the leading fansite. Finally, a new article and photo from the Syndicate has emerged online and MatthewLewisCom posted the details. The photo can be seen top left and here, while the article is available to read here.

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