Monday, February 13, 2012

First Rupert 'Visit Britain' info/image of Surfer Rup-new Into White video,Emma attends Lancome Launch and pre-Bafta Party,Final Talks for Beauty role

We revealed earlier that Rupert was to campaign for British Tourism with Visit Britain, but now RupertGrint.Net have the first image; Of Rupert having a surf at Bridlington Beach in Yorkshire. You can now see this image left and read more info about the campaign (an ad of which is aired from March 8th and also stars Julie Walters) at this link.

In other Rupert news, RUPERT GRINT US have finally gotten us some clips from Into the White directors Petter Naess visit to the film festival Bl├ątt Lerret. Videos can be seen below of the feature on the film;

In Emma news, she had her style on recently hosting a pre-Bafta party and meeting fans at a lancome launch. Snitchseeker had pics of both events and these can now be seen here.

In exciting Emma news, Emma is confirmed to be "in final talks" about starring in rumoured Guillermo Del Toro's adaption of Beauty and the Beast. Magical Menagerie broke the news but Snitchseeker and Mugglenet also reporting. VARIETY had the original article.

Finally, you can win some Lancome Emma goodies by blowing her a kiss on facebook here.Emma posted the news herself.

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