Thursday, February 23, 2012

CAST NEWS-Mark Williams for Who,New Emma interview,Helena gets CBE,VOTE Rupert a great Briton

Rupert retweeted The Great Exibition which are holding a vote to find a Great Briton, and Rupert Grint made the cut! Vote for him here.

In other Rupert news, he is to appear at the OSLO Into the White premiere on March 7th! Let us know if you get going! Ticket can be bought here.

Helena Bonham Carter received a CBE recently and a picture of this can be seen here.

Magical Menagerie broke
the news that Mark Williams (aka Mr Weasley) is to star in the upcoming Doctor Who series! David Bradley (Mr Filch) is also set to star, according to Snitchseeker.

MM also posted a FULL preview of Jason Isaacs new show, AWAKE. You can check out the clips here.

Jessie Cave has been video-ing it up again, this time helping Simon Amstell prepare for a tour. Check it out here.

Emma watson has been talking recently extensively about her participation in Lancome advetising.Magical Menagerie broke the news that Emma had a nice full interview with The Independant which can be read here.

Tom Felton also recently attended MegaCon, but as Mugglenet is offline AGAIN, i can't source the images :(

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