Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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DanaholicsAnony: RANDOM RON FACT; Due 2 wat seems 2 b deep-seated insecurity,Ron only believed he could be a good keeper when he thought he had Felix Felicis

DanaholicsAnony: RANDOM RON FACT: when Harry gave him the Dursley's phone number,he shouted down the phone and called it the phellytone. #HappyBirthdayRon

DanaholicsAnony: RANDOM RON FACT; He doesnt like corned beef sandwiches. #HappyBirthdayRon

DanaholicsAnony: Random Ron fact; He got arachnaphobia when his brother Fred turned his teddy bear into a spider after he broke Fred's toy bromstick.

RT If you have ever wanted RON WEASLEY to be your husband,boyfriend,best friend or brother! #HappyBirthdayRon

DanaholicsAnony DanaholicsAnonymous
I <3 Ron so much,when aske who a guy should draw for my €5,i said;Ron looking awesome,cause thats what he is,even if Harry over-shadows that

DanaholicsAnony DanaholicsAnonymous
Happy Birthday Ron! Ronald Billius Weasley turns 31 today. Being my favourite character,he feels real to me. RT IF YOU LOVE RON!<3 16 HOURS AGO


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