Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#GreatestFollowerEverPartDeux competition- RESULTS!

You took part in your few, but yet it is still much appreciated support!
So here are the results;
@DanRad23- 170 points,
@hpgilr2009- 70 points,
@FrankieDanhp- 30 points,
@LauraB1993- 30 points,
@Blushie- 130 points,
and Radcliffe Forever from youtube got 70 points.

So, to roundup;
1st place; @DanRad23
2nd Place; @Blushiee
3rd place; is a tie between @hpgirl2009 and @ Radcliffe forever, but since the lattwr isn't on twitter and it is a twitter comp, @hpgirl2009 gets it.
4th Place was also a tie between @FrankieDanhp and @LauraB1993...this is more tricky, so you both get a set of Harry Potter file dividers!

I will be contacting the winners on twitter and DanRad23 can first choose her 2 prizes from the lot, and then Blushiee can then choose her prize from the remainder!

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