Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UPDATE ON #GreatestFollowerEverPartDeux

We have now added a 4x6 framed photo of Dan to the mix, as well as a surpus printed signed photo of mine.
How would we be Dan-aholics Anonymous without some Dan prizes??

I also though we could make this a more fun competition by changing the way you enter.
The point system formally mentioned still stands, but i though i'd seperate it into 2groups; recommendation entries and creative entries. YOU CAN CHOOSE EITHER WAY TO ENTER, BUT ONLY ONE.

The first group will be the usual as mentioned in the previous blog post, with a nice added chance to gain points in the form of our recently completed survey.This will gain you an additional 50 points!

The second group is a little more fun. All i ask is that you tell me, via private message link or email, your favourite (written by you or whatever) rewritten pop song. What i mean is that you rewrite a well-known song to suit a harry potter character, book/film event, actor...and so on. Get creative and the best will win a prize!

The winner of the first group will get first choice of 2 of the already mentioned prizes.
The winner of the second will get the remainder, all of which i promise will be worth having!

EMAIL ME your entry to group 2 AT;

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