Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with Mr Rickman last wednesday when i managed to bag tickets to a talk with him and Fiona Shaw for his current Abbey Theatre Dublin role in John Gabriel Borkman and fought my way to the second row! But I was disappointed to find out that pictures were forbidden, and as I was in the second row with A VERY VIGILANT GUARD just down the row, i did not get Harry's courage and take one. Furthermore, as some of the cast had prior emgagements, there was no open-to-the-floor questions,only those from an interviewer,which were all about the play,which to their credit were interesting and make me want to go to the play more.

But there is light at the end of my fandom tunnel;
1. I got to wink at Alan Rickman and have him stare in his grumpy way at me,
2. Is there posibility of filming for either Fiona Shaw or Alan Rickman in Ireland? (the former arrived half way through the talk)
and 3. For those of you living in America, the play is supposed to be moving to Brooklyn,New York! Not sure if Alan is going, but fingers crossed,eh?

Anyway, aside from the actual play, topics covered were a set been given the chance to "grow with the production" which was supported by Grumpy Alan (he was VERY grumpy), how the Irish audience "laugh" at inappropriate times. Fiona made this statement, nicely refering to the Irish audience as "us". I think this reference is similar to Dan's comments about Aragog's funeral and how the Irish chose grief as a time to celebrate and laugh; as we should-celebrate life and not mourn death.

To add to the pictures i have here of the play programme, the empty seats before cameras were forbidden and Alan Rickman's poster outside (which i fanatically could see from way the road; my friends thought i was a freak), the official Abbey site had some new ones of our actors.

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