Monday, October 4, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER had the following two new posters;

NATALIA TENA, who plays TONKS also gave an interview at a Spanish convention. The video is unfortunately in Spanish but translations are below;
One of the stars of the International Comic Salon Malaga was Natalia Tena, the actress who portrays Tonks in the last four films of the Harry Potter saga, including the two parts of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', to debut soon.

Tena, who have parents [emigrated] but has grown in Britain, plays a witch who can take the form of anything at any time. "If I had that power would transform me into an otter, because I love the water," she said.

No wonder the claim because the liquid element appears to be present in many moments of her life. In fact, she came directly from the beach with flip flops and her clothing still wet. Still, she was "delighted to be with these people" and agreed to take photos with all of her fans.

The role of Tonks in Harry Potter came after spending time on the beach, but this time the coast of Ireland. "When I got up that morning I had the feeling that my agent would call me."

Tena has recalled the "fun" was the shooting in which "ate, smoked and chatted" with all the actors in the hope "that could be every day." Also, she said with praised, "I loved the make-up staff."

Although their participation in the series is "something very big and exciting," Tena has been happy with the fact that it is the end and she has time "to do other things."


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