Thursday, October 14, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER have these pics and quotes from the Luna actresses' NYLON shoot and interview;
“It’s really sad,” she says in her soft, dreamy voice of the end of the series. “Harry Potter was like a security thing. It was like school. Every year you’d know you’d have school at the start of September and then you’d have Harry Potter a few months later. And then to have it suddenly gone…. It’s kind of scary.”

Dance is also a huge passion: She credits it – along with her casting in the Potter films – with helping her conquer a crippling shyness. If she hadn’t won the role of Lovegood, she says, “I’d be a lot different. I think I’d be very shy, and shyness is such a barrier.”

So with such a wealth of creative aspirations – “my ambitions change every five minutes,” she confesses – will she continue to act? “Definitely,” she says confidently. “When I started, I didn’t think I wanted to. I just wanted to do Luna. But on the last day I was like, ‘I definitely don’t want to stop this.’”


On the shyness front, i truly get that love. :)

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