Thursday, October 14, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER had this new set pic and these quotes;
'It's my first grown-up role."

'This is the first time I've played older than myself - I'm supposed to be 24 in this. And,' he added, pausing for effect: 'I've got a son.'

'It's very hard to fake the relationship that me and Misha [Handley, Dan's real life godson, and on-screen son] have. There had to be a sense that we were close.'

'It's over now,' Daniel said, wistfully. 'I was much more emotional than I anticipated on the last day.

'I won't pretend that I'm not nervous about moving on. And I will have to work hard to stay busy, and try to separate myself from that character. So, I am slightly trepidatious. But whatever cannot be avoided, must be accepted.

'The Woman In Black is very different from Harry Potter. But it's different enough without me having to go all extreme and play a drug- dealing rent boy, or something where people go: "Oh, OK, he's trying to shock us now." I was simply after a good role.'

'When you take risks, you end up working with interesting people, and at this point in my career I'm still so far away from the finished article. If I just went along and coasted, then I wouldn't be learning anything.

'It goes back to something my dad said to me once: "Do what people don't expect you to do, and do it better than they expect you to, and you will always have longevity in your career." And that's what I'm after.

'I don't want to be a flash in the pan and disappear. That's not going to happen.'


A preview has been released by the Times of Dan's upcoming shoot in DAZED Magazine,according to SNITCHSEEKER..
"Nobody has really seen me without glasses on film. And the first shot in The Woman in Black is a close-up of my face. It'll be like the big reveal."

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