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SNITCHSEEKER have gone DEATHLY HALLOWS OVERLOAD with less than 60 days to go!
Most recent of the DH TALK comes from Director David Yates, who has recently being talking final scenes to the french mag CINE LINE, who with he discussed the promos released earlier in the year;

"It is the scene I am working on in the next room, as we speak. It is the inside of the house of Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna's father. Voldermort's followers, the Death Eaters, are attacking his house. Harry tries to reach Ron and Hermione between of all the explosions."

"Harry, Ron and Hermione are searching for the Horcruxes which conceal pieces of Voldermort's soul. In the middle of the movie, they discover that one of Horcruxes is in the Ministry of Magic. Ron is watching for the arrival of three ministry workers to take on their appearance using polyjuice potion and go into the ministry without being seen."

"Rhys Ifan plays the father of Luna Lovegood, an idealist who always believed in Harry Potter. But his daughter is kidnapped by Death Eaters, who demand he deliver them Harry. Rhys acts this eccentric's part perfectly. He was very joyful to play in Harry Potter. He said that it was like joining the football team of England."

"Voldemort gathered his troops to reveal them a secret. He wasn't able to kill Harry before, it is because there is a link between both wands which prevents them from destroying each other. Voldemort orders Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs, here in the center) to give him his wand which is very damaging and humiliating for a wizard,he's looking forward to putting his hands on one of the famous relics of the death: the elder wand, the most powerful weapon."

" When the movie begins, the world is collapsing. Death Eaters persecute Muggles ... The ancient members of the order of the phoenix assure Harry's protection. Mad-eye suggest duplicate Harry's so that the Death Eaters don't know which is the real one. Here, is the real Harry, fleeing Privet Drive with Hagrid."

"I find the image of this girl with some blood on hands very strong. It is Ron's blood. They have just escaped from the ministry of the magic. Ron is lying farther away, badly torn up by a spell. Hermione create a shield of protection to hide them from Death Eaters. These three children, that we always knew in the reassuring environment of Hogwarts, are now in the real world. An extremely dangerous world where they risk their lives all the time. "

"It is the last scene of the movie. Harry, Ron and Hermione have just escaped from Malfoy Manor. A member of their team is fatally injured. Which is why the Ron and Hermione look horrified. It helped a lot to take the actors out studios of Leavesden and into nature, for once. Approximately 25 % of the movie was filmed outdoors."

So they end part 1 after Malfoy Manor...i would have said during, but i guess the Dobby thing is kind of heart-stopping.

In other talk, Snatcher Scabior's actor, Nick Moran, has been talking about scenes that had to be cut because they were too gory...i say leave them in! Its meant to be a war!
"The scenes I did were really, really dark, really, really dark, but when I went to see them they cut some of the worst bits out, and I was talking to producer David Heyman, saying, 'Oh no, why's that gone?' He said, apparently it was like watching Saw," Moran said.

"It's been brilliant. I'm the new baddie in the Harry Potter film. I can't really give too much away - it's hilarious, because your script has a watermark in it," he recalled.

"It says a number, which is on every page, so that if you lose it, everyone knows it was you. So it's all top secret."

FINALLY, Madam Pomfrey's Gemma Jones spoke recently from her new films, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, premiere.
“I did have to do a lot of fighting with my wand,” she said. “At my age and station it was a very good workout. I’m fighting the Death Eaters with my wand so I had a good time.”

“It couldn’t be more different than having done this film with Woody [Allen] but a wonderful repertory company of British actors in those films and a lot of people I know. Hell of amount of hanging about because the setups are so huge, so a lot of that was spent in each other’s trailers having a jolly good gossip and a very nice time. It’s like a huge juggernaut and military campaign getting it off the ground every day on set."

“Well, I talked to Emma and Daniel on this last film because I was kind of maternally concerned for them because it’s such a huge experience and going to come to an end. I wasn’t there on the last day of the last shot but I think they were finding it very hard to take in that it was coming to an end. I hope they’ll be okay.”

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