Monday, August 30, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER updated recently with some posts by the DEATHLY HALLOWS musical composer, Conrad Pope (left):
"Am now in London, beginning orchestration on Harry Potter 7 for the ever-inventive Alexandre Desplat. Settling into the Sir Francis Goldshmidt rooms (yes,that IS the proper spelling) at Home House, Portman Square. (In my family however, these rooms are referred to as the LORD BROUCEK Suite—thanks, Paul). Looking forward to my fourth outing on Potter. "

"Working on Alexandre Desplat's new score for the next "Potter". Exciting, vigorous music! Harry flies, fights and conjures. All accompanied by the distinctive, definitely non-generic voice of Desplat. Those who love melodies, harmonies and emotions in their film scores should be pleased. Reminds one of the old days. Stay tuned. "

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